Mobile Rural Food Pantry

We make it hard to go hungry!

Mobile Rural Food Pantry

Our Mobile Neighborhood Grocery Store Travels the back roads of Shelby County bringing hope in the form of Groceries to our rural neighbors. Food Insecurity, not knowing the source of ones’ next meal, is the #1 Food Related problem in America according to the USDA. Agape Distribution has an answer!

 To register for free Emergency Grocery Assistance You will need:

  1. A currant, valid Photo ID
  2. Proof of residence—piece of mail sent to you At your current place of residence

You Will Receive:

  1. Your personal shopper number unique to only you
  2. A Speedy Shopper Card that speeds the shopping process each time you come
  3. Access to groceries every 30 days
  4. The opportunity to select the groceries you and your family like

Shelby County Route

       1st Saturday

A: Port Jefferson New Life Baptist 329 W Main Street

B: Maplewood United Methodist Church 21544 Maplewood Road

     2nd Saturday

A: Botkins St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church 301 E State Street

B: Anna United Methodist Church 201 W North Street

     3rd Week Saturday

A: Russia St Remy’s Church 108 E Main Street

B: Fort Loramie St Michael’s Church 33 Elm Street