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Starting a Nonprofit

In its most basic form, a nonprofit organization is a tax-exempt organization that doesn’t focus primarily on making money and serves the public interest. Nonprofits are vital to society because they strengthen communities by providing the educational, health, and social services that citizens need and that the government cannot fully provide. They also contributed $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy. There are more than 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the United States. This is an encouraging number but also can be a concerning one if you are trying to set yourself apart from similar organizations that serve the same mission. Ensuring you differentiate yourself can be a challenge, but by building a solid foundation that includes a strong mission statement, a unique value proposition, and a clear vision, you should find success.

Aside from choosing your name and crafting your mission statement, there are other processes that are required to create your nonprofit. This includes researching the forms that need to be filled out. It’s important to note that each state has different requirements, so clear research is paramount in order to get everything in order. If you live in the United States, you’ll have to:

Tips for Savings as a Nonprofit

Your Content Goes HereIncreasingly, individuals like you are inspired to start a nonprofit to help improve the lives of others. It’s an amazing way to bring people together and make a difference in your community. Starting a nonprofit and running through your checklist can be an overwhelming process and not always an inexpensive one. Even after you start your nonprofit, maintaining it is not an easy task, and finding resources to support your cause can be difficult. You face a relentless gap between your vision and the resources you have to achieve it.

Here are a few ways to help keep your costs low and save money:

What is the Agape Nonprofit Agency Store?

Agape Distribution Agency Store is based in Ohio and provides discounted goods and supplies for nonprofits. The store is dedicated to giving nonprofits a resource where they can come in and purchase goods for a discounted fee through their administrative status as a nonprofit. Agape carries discounted goods that are usually ⅓ of the price and all brand new. Through Agape Distribution’s Agency Store, your nonprofit can save up to 75% on resources that in turn go back to support the mission we serve.

By using our Nonprofit Agency Store, you are saving on resources to better support your mission, while also returning the support to our store and its operations. Agape carries a variety of products that can be beneficial for your nonprofit. We carry new clothing items, kitchen goods, toys, office supplies, cleaning products, plumbing, and lighting fixtures, as well as our door furniture and more. Furthermore, of the money that Agape gets from the Agency Store, $8,000 is donated to our local food bank to support the local community. Additionally, our national donors support our mission by generously donating these brand-new goods to the agency to be sold to nonprofits at a fraction of their original cost. And when you purchase through the Agency Store, for every $1.00 spent, $0.12 helps fund our food pantry.

Important note:
We Moved! Tthe Agape Nonprofit Agency Store is at:

801 South Vandemark Road
Sidney, OH 45365


  • It’s important to note that these goods from our Agency store are restricted which means you cannot resell these items through other methods such as Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, or privately.

  • Sales receipt – In signing the sales receipt one agrees NOT TO SELL the product received at Agape Distribution.

  • Should product be sold – the non-profit agency will be contacted, membership revoked with no reapplication allowed.

  • Product may be given to those in need

  • Profits from the Agency Store are directed to the Food Pantry helping to finance groceries for those in need.

  • 501(c)3 agencies/churches may apply for membership

  • Registered non-profits may appoint 4 shoppers

Agape is a Cooperating Retail Partner of Good360, which is the largest recipient of donor goods in America. Through Good360, companies can responsibly distribute excess goods for maximum impact, helping nonprofits fulfill their missions. As a partner, Agape Distribution is able to bring product to our regions at a fraction of the retail cost.


MONDAY – THURSDAY:: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
SATURDAY: 8 a.m. to Noon
209 Brooklyn Ave., Sidney, OH 45365

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