“Stretching a hunger safety net for Shelby County”

Agape Distribution is creating an Urban Oasis. From simply gardening to the complexities of solar power, Agape Distribution is committed to Eco-justice.

60 raised garden plots enables our Food Pantry Shoppers to grow their own organic produce with guidance from
Master Gardeners.

Rainwater Collection
Collecting rainwater provides the best possible water source for The People’s Garden. With an eye for planet Earth, Agape Distribution aligns itself with those properly stewarding the planet.

The Discovery Center
Training classes, school and civic groups come to our Discovery Center where we cast vision to save our planet. Organics, solar energy, composting and zero trash initiatives are presented reasonably, practically and with functionality that works. We ARE changing our environment!

Solar Energy
In the very near future Solar Power will be added to The Discovery Center demonstrating its function and practicality.The building will be temperature controlled 24/7/365 by the suns’ power. Utilizing battery storage the Urban Sustainability Project will be 100% powered by solar. Museum quality signage will explain the process and possibilities to visiting groups.

Edible Trail
A walk along the river demonstrates nature’s provision. Planted along the trails are nature’s snack foods, fruit and berries. With the completion of our edible trail (2018); folks will enjoy nature at its best and taste what the earth grows.